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Bespoke Cupcakes

There are few things in this world as cheerful as a cupcake! Sweetly indulgent and sinfully rich, our cupcakes are designed to make each recipient feel just a little bit special. Honestly, who could resist these mini bundles of hospitality? Cupcakes are so versatile – whether you are planning a wedding (they can be arranged as stunning centerpieces!), a shower, a garden party or afternoon tea… even just a little girlie evening with friends! Our decadent cupcakes fit the bill nicely. Who could possibly resist?

Cupcakes are from £ 2.00 each

(Extra embellishments can be provided at additional cost.)

Our Flavour Gallery

Blueberry BlissCharity's Cakes-0023_wm

Our Blueberry sponge is an easy favourite among our friends. Blissfully sweet yet stylish, these are bound to be the talking point of any party they attend. We bake a flurry of  fresh blueberries into our moist vanilla sponge, then top our cupcakes with a cloud of cream cheese frosting and a fresh blueberry garnish (optional). These are a true crowd pleaser!

Cordially Courgette

This beautiful creation is full of delicious surprise! Our sponge recipe is spectacularly moist, thanks to the freshly grated courgette baked in. Hidden under a whirl of sweet, cream cheese frosting is our signature lemon curd center, made by hand and with love in our very own kitchen, and finished with a sprinkling of chopped pistachio (nuts optional).

Chocolate Kiss

Now, this is the bad Untitled36boy of cupcakes… Dark, rich, and dangerously moreish. It is a sinfully glorious journey to the bottom of the chocolate pot, a trip from which you may never wish to return! Moist, black chocolate sponge topped as you choose with either chocolate fudge icing or vanilla buttercream that can be coloured to suit your theme. Like all things tall, dark and handsome… these can wear anything and still taste wickedly good!

Frenchie and Ginger

With its delicious disregard for convention, our Untitled26cupcake is a marriage made in heaven! It is a cosmopolitan, hip and Bohemian offering of rich, stem ginger sponge topped with ginger infused frosting and crystallised ginger pieces. The result is a stylish creation that will be welcome at every table.

Green Tease

This light, refreshing cupcake is a surprisingly Western take on its far Eastern roots. First, we bake green tea into our delicious, chocolate sponge, infusing it with a subtle yet remarkable flavour that sets it well apart from any ordinary cake. We further infuse our buttercream frosting with the gentle overtones of green tea, and finish it off with a stylish whirl. With the addition of a single, extraordinary ingredient, an otherwise humble cupcake is transformed into a study in sophistication, elegance and style.

Sinfully Rich

This is my personal favourite… a large dollop of chocolate chip cheesecake filling baked into dark chocolate sponge and clouded over with a whirl of cream cheese frosting. Decadent and more than a little naughty, our Sinfully Rich cupcakes are the ultimate epicurean delight! Go on… indulge yourself! 

Chocolate & Salted CaramelChocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Chocolate & Salted Caramel cupcakes are one of our fastest selling cupcakes. The light, moist chocolate sponge, topped with the salty sweetness of our salted caramel frosting, and luxuriously drizzled with more salted caramel. They are the flavor of the moment!

Carrot Top

Our carrot cake creation is as sweet and spunky as its name would Carrot Cake Cupcakesuggest. An updated recipe from the old classic, our moist and aromatic sponge is baked with traditional cinnamon, ginger and walnut, and dressed with a dreamy cream cheese frosting. Our Carrot Top cupcakes may be served with or without walnut garnish (nuts optional). Our moist carrot cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser… who doesn’t love a Carrot Top?

Vintage VanillaUntitled42

Our Vintage Vanilla cupcake makes no apologies for being a traditional classic. The light, yet  moist, vanilla sponge is topped with vanilla bean buttercream and finished generously with sugar sprinkles. Our buttercream can also be coloured to suit your theme. The Vintage Vanilla is a girl who can attend any party and look fabulous!

All cupcake varieties are available as cakes.