Blueberry Cream Cheese Cake

Serves: 15
Price: £35

Our Blueberry Cream Cheese Cake is light and moist sponge punctuated by the zing of fresh blueberries baked right in! Cap all of this deliciousness with a cloud of cream cheese frosting and scatter it with a handful of fresh berries, and you have a cake that is as elegant as it is tasty. This cake is the perfect blend of home cooking and uptown chic. It fits any occasion, from coffee morning to anniversary dinner.

Baby Bundts

Price per 12: £15
Price per 24: £30

Our Baby Bundts are a delightful alternative to cupcakes, and are available in all our cupcake flavours! These that are featured are made with our Chocolate Kiss recipe, and blanketed in a sweet, vanilla glaze.  There is nothing more wonderful than knowing a cake has been baked especially for you! Indulge your family or dinner guests with these sumptuous little delights… you will be glad you did.

Grapefruit Cake

Serves: 15
Price: £30

The Grapefruit Cake is my very own signature recipe! This light, yet moist sponge with its citrus overtones is the perfect cake for tea. The zingy, light pink grapefruit juice glaze adds a pizzazz to every bite, making this cake as beautiful as it is edible. Impress your friends at the next coffee morning with our gorgeous, signature Grapefruit Cake.

Lemon Layer Cake 6″

Serves: 10-15
Price: £45

Our Lemon Layer Cake stands head and shoulders above the ordinary: She is the prom queen of cakes! Three layers of light, lemon sponge are sandwiched between layers of tangy lemon buttercream and finished off with a smooth buttercream shell. Crowning our prom queen is an icing sugar stencil (optional) that will leave your family and friends wondering how it was done! Our Lemon Layer Cake is always dressed to impress. Cast your vote for her today! Long may she reign.


Blood Orange & Raspberry Cake 6″

Serves: 15-20
Price: £50

Our Blood Orange and Raspberry Cake is a true showstopper: Three layers of zesty sponge layered between raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream and fresh raspberries, topped with a smooth outer layer of vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, and drizzled with a blood orange glaze. Honestly. Is there anything not to love about this cake? Moist, tangy and delicious with the added surprise of fresh fruit sandwiched in. It is Victoria sponge’s polished and sophisticated distant cousin. Victoria remains jealous to this day…

Blueberry Pie

Serves: 8-10
Price: £8

The Blueberry Pie is a treat so many of us would love to bake, but so rarely get right (if ever we bother to try…)! Our tart blueberry filling is encased in a crisp, buttery pastry laid out in pretty laticework. This beauty is best served with friends as a pudding or dessert… perhaps served warm with a dollop of fresh English cream (whipped or drizzled)… or, if you like it American style, with a scoop of ice cream! All our pastry is homemade using real butter. Who could ask for more?


Pecan Pie

Serves: 8-10
Price: £8

The defiinitive American classic is perfectly at home on any English table! Our Pecan Pie features a sweet, rich pecan filling baked into a crisp, buttery pastry shell. Best served with whipped cream, ice cream, or a dollop of extra thick English cream for the perfect taste of the great American south! All our pastry is homemade using real butter. NOTE: (This product contains nuts).


Apple Pie

Serves: 8-10
Price: £8

Just like your grandma used to bake… but better! Our Apple Pie features sweet, yet tart apples spiced with cinnamon and encased in a buttery pastry shell. This classic pie is wonderful served with custard or cream, warm or cold. Our Apple Pie is equally at home at a coffee morning, or capping off your Sunday roast dinner. It is home cooking at its best… cooked in someone else’s home and served by you! All our pastry is homemade using real butter.

Other Pies and Tarts are available such as:
Pumpkin Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, and Lemon Tart.
All Priced at £8 or two for £15.